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Community with Character
Community with Character

Golf is one of the most popular recreational activities today and the internet is growing rapidly. In fact, Ventura County has one of the highest per capita internet user ratios in the world. We would like to link arms with local golfers, through, and provide them with many benefits. Our strengths within the local golf community and our knowledge of the internet has enabled TeeClub to be successful in building our unique network. In July 2007, TeeClub had 231,280 hits.

TeeClub is using multiple avenues and tools to promote and build our Membership: 

We have created strong relationships with the golf courses and golf professionals in Ventura County. Their involvement provides content and promotion to TeeClub and in return TeeClub provides them with promotion and an internet presence in our network.

We have established partnerships with local organizations like and the VCJGA to cross promote and raise funds for community programs. This gives TeeClub exposure, promotion, and legitimacy.

Our special events have given TeeClub exposure and have enabled us to create interaction with our community. We just concluded our 23rd Fantasy Golf Challenge, which have been very popular. TeeClub has received many promotions by the Ventura County Star which has given us great exposure and increased membership. We have sponsorship from many local courses, instructors, and businesses who were promoted for their participation. We plan on having 6 Fantasy Challenges this year and expand the prize pool.

Groups is a tool that allows members in TeeClub to create their own Men's/Women's club. It includes tools to help them create and manage their own group events. Other tools, including Classifieds and Auctions, are available to Members. These features create interaction and promote membership.

TeeClub promotes golfer's businesses through partnership in TeeClub. We want golfers to use golfers' businesses instead of somebody else's. Partners give TeeClub members exclusive promotions and discounts which promotes membership.

  • Golfers encounter many shared experiences on the golf course that creates strong relationships between golfers.
  • Most golfers have developed great character traits, like integrity and loyalty, that businesses cherish in a customer.
  • There is a growing trend of businesses partnering with consumer networks that creates customer loyalty.
  • Our involvement with golf for several decades has enabled us to build an impressive on-line community of golfers in Ventura County.
It is our goal to create win-win relationships between Golfers' Businesses and over 10,000 local golfers.

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