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Golf Betting Games

These golf betting games are designed to add some extra fun and excitement when you play with your friends or playing partners. Wagers should be well defined before the round. However, you should be warned, betting changes the mental game, because some competitors tend to root against others. Wagers should be limited to not take away enjoyment of you or your competitors round.

A popular game for individuals or teams with any number of players
Favorite game of tournament play and special golf events

Wolf (also known as PIG)
A fun game for foursomes, can be played with a threesome

Bingo, Bango, Bongo
Great game for 2, 3 or 4 players, regardless of differences in handicaps.
Las Vegas
An exciting and high risk game that splits a foursome into two teams

Perfect for threesomes!

3 or more


Format: Individual or Team

Number of Players: 2, 3, 4, more

Nassau is one of the most popular gambling games on the golf course. A Nassau is made up of three matches. The front nine holes make up the first match, the back nine the second, and the 18 hole total makes up the third. Match Play format is most commonly used. A bet is made for each match.For example, a "10-10-10" would indicate a $10 bet on the front nine, a $10 bet on the back, and a $10 bet on the entire 18 holes.

Presses: Players may 'Press' the match to start another bet. If the Players accept the press, then a new bet begins at the said amount. If automatic presses are pre-agreed upon, a new bet begins automatically at a defined point in the match. For instance, "2-down Autos" means when a player is two holes down, than another bet begins automatically on the next hole. "Autos" are good for players who have a Nassau bet that are not playing in the same group.

*It is important that all bets be defined prior to the round.

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Format:  Team

Number of Players:  2, 3, 4

In a scramble, each player tees off and the best drive is selected. The other team members will move their balls to the spot of the chosen drive and all players hit their second shot from this location. The best second shot is selected and the procedure is repeated until the ball is holed out.

Some Scramble formats require a minimum number of tee shots for each team member to be used.

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Wolf (also known as PIG)

Format: Team and/or Individual

Number of Players: Four

Wolf begins by establishing an order of play. Players will rotate that same order throughout the round: player 1 hits 1st on #1, then 2nd on #2, 3rd on #3, and so on. The player teeing off first on each hole is the Wolf. The players take turns playing the Wolf based on the rotation of the established tee off order.

After teeing off, the Wolf has the following options:

1) Choose one of the other three players as a partner for the hole based on the results of their tee shots, or

2) Play the hole alone against the other three players.

For example, the Wolf tees off first. Then, the second player in the rotation tees off. Based on the results of the second players drive, the Wolf has the option to select the second player as a partner or pass. Once the third player hits their tee shot, the second player is no longer eligible as a partner for the Wolf. Likewise, once the fourth player hits their drive, the third player is no longer eligible as a partner for the Wolf.

After the fourth player tees off, before the group leaves the tee box, the Wolf must select the fourth player as a partner for the hole, or play the hole alone against the other three players. Wolf can be played low ball or low total.

Group determins point monetary value. Points are earned as follows:

  • Winning team:  1 point each player
  • Wolf wins playing alone: 3 points
  • Wolf loses playing alone: 1 point each for all other players

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Bingo, Bango, Bongo

Format: Individual

Number of Players:  2, 3 or 4

Bingo, Bango, Bongo allows players to be competitive regardless of the differences in handicaps.

Each hole has three points available. Any monetary value desired may be assigned to each point. Points are earned as follows:

  • Bingo - 1st ball on the green = 1 point
  • Bango - Closest to the pin after everyone is on the green = 1 point
  • Bongo - First ball in the hole = 1 point

The player that is the furthest away must play first.

This is an excellent game to play for groups with a wide range of handicaps. High handicappers may do well if they have a good short game as good chipping or bunker play will keep them competitive for that second point (Bango).

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Las Vegas

Format: Team

Number of Players: 4

Las Vegas begins with the foursome splitting into 2 teams - one twosome against the other. Point values are deterimined. On each hole, the players on each team combine their net scores to make the lowest possible two-digit number. The betting points awarded per hole is determined by the difference between the two team scores.

For example, if on Team A, one player scores a 4 and the other makes a 5, the scores would be combined and their collective score would be 45. If Team Bís score was 55 (a 5 and a 5) then Team A would win the hole by 10 points.

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Format:  Individual

Number of Players:  3 or 4

3 Players:
Each hole has a total point value of 9 points. Players earn points as follows:

  • Low score = 5 pts
  • 2nd lowest score = 3 pts
  • High score = 1 pt

In the event two players tie for low score, the two tied players receive 4 points each. When two players tie for high score, the tied players get 2 points each. If all three players tie for low score, each player gets 3 points.

4 Players:
Each hole has a total point value of 16 points. Players earn points as follows:

  • Low score = 7 pts
  • 2nd lowest score = 5 pts
  • 3rd lowest score = 3 pts
  • High score = 1 pt

In the event players tie, points are added and then divided by the number who tied.

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Format:  group

Number of Players:  3 or more

Each hole is a skin and has a designated value. The lowest score on each hole wins the skin. If net skins are being played it is typical to use 1/2 of individuals course handicap index. Groups typically buy into the skins game and the money gets split by the number of skins won.

Other forms of skins:

If a skin or hole is tied than the value is carried over to the next hole. For example, if each skin is worth $1 and the 1st hole is tied than the 2nd hole is worth $2. If the 2nd is tied than the 3rd is worth $3 and so on.

Validation uses carryovers. If a player wins a hole, the skins is in-hand and then must validate the skin by tying the lowest score on the next hole. If another player has the lowest score on the next hole than he steals the skins and must validate. If a player wins the last hole, validation is not necessary.

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